The Introduction

A unique view of marketing, combining Psychology and Data

I'm an ambitious digital marketing manager, who enjoys problem solving, freelance projects.

The Details

A bit more detail on what I do


Honest, clear and regular communication is they style that I have adopted. In my experience this paves the way for a productive and innovative type of project management.

Fresh Ideas

Going beyond the basics with fresh ideas the push the boundaries keeps work interesting and exciting.

Design & Photography

Web design and photography are a keen interest for my work and personal hobbies. I'm no David Bailey or his equivalent in web design and neither can I command his fees.

Sophisticated Techniques

Digital marketing is getting so complex, sophisticated techniques are now required to manage accounts on scale and tie all channels together. Planning, implementing and managing these techniques can make account management successful.

Technical Abilities

Learning new technical skills is nothing to me. So far I have gather experience of the following platforms and software. Bid management (DS3, Marin & AdLens), Engines (Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo, Yandex & Adlux), Tracking (Google Analytics, DC Storm, Atlas & DFA) MS Office (Excel, Outlook, Word & PowerPoint), Programming (HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript & Java).

Delivery to the Brief

Meeting client business goals and going beyond the brief is the best way to please a client. Drifting away from the brief can make the project lengthy and expensive.

The Creds

Client Experience

Unilever, Dyson, Dyson Airblade, & are just some of the client accounts I have worked on. Delivering high quality project management and great performance.

Freelance Work, & are the best examples of my freelance work. These projects and maintenance has included coding site functionality, design and implementation, SEO on-page audit and implementation, hosting setup and support and finally web security.

Education & Qualifications

Psychology, Anthropology and Mobile Computing in higher education. In addition to Business and Philosophy in further education. This is the mix of formal qualifications that I posses that has gave me a unique perspective and a great mix for digital media.